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Aleksey Saburov

   In every project I strive to best reflect the mood and nature of the theme or character portrayed. The main goal is to capture even the tiniest detail of a historical event. That’s why my work is handmade with absolute detail and each one is unique, crafted in bas-relief under 10X magnification.

Miniature fine carving is my professional specialty, something for which I have a great passion. Each individual carving has its own number to ensure its authenticity and is signed by me as the master engraver.


Throughout his life, a man constantly tries to capture pieces of his life story: loved ones, great moments from traveling or pursuing other worthwhile endeavors. With your camera handy, whatever strikes you most and leaves an impression – click – add it to your photo album.


I do something similar, namely create a slice of history that one can add to his or her own collection. But this is far better. The satisfaction of feeling a miniature sculpture in your own hand will last you a lot longer than any photograph. And it is especially valuable as an artisanal creation done by hand, unlike mechanized photo processing. To touch, to get a feel of it – is very real.
A photograph is just a first impression of that moment.


First comes an idea which I sketch out and then transfer the image onto metal. The best part is bas-relief done real-coin style – with embossed volume you can feel. This style is sculptural, far more time consuming, and more expensive to produce, but allows for the form to be felt and the texture be embossed.


Double sided Hobo Nikel Steam Train by Aleksey Saburov
An official publication of the Original Hobo Nickel Society
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