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"Medusa" Pendant



The Medusa pendant, designed and crafted by Aleksey Saburov.


All hand-drawn and hand-made down to the smallest snake-scale, starting from original pencil-on-paper drafts without computer modeling.


Solid gold coin center engraved with the head of the mythical Medusa Gorgon surrounded by her serpent hair. 


The coin is encompassed by the 18K white gold snake,
with its eyes being two black diamonds. 




"Horus & Anubis" Ring


Worthy of Ancient Gods! A truly exquisite, meticulously hand-engraved ring with the Egyptian style motif: highly-detailed Pharaohs on both sides with sapphire eyes and surrounded by decorative ornaments. 

The ring features the "Horus & Anubis" original Hobo Nickel
 hand-engraved by master-engraver Aleksey Saburov. 


6 sapphire stones and 24K gold inlay.






"Hobo Puzzle" Pendant


What better way to share your love and passion for Hobo Nickels
than with this "Hobo Puzzle" pendant!

The pendant features the "Hobo Puzzle" token by Aleksey Saburov.

Make this pendant a part of your or loved one's collection. 


Sterling Silver. An oxidized finish enhances the piece 3D effect.




Centennial Hobo Nickel Ring

1913 - 2013



The year 2013 marks 100 Anniversary of the Buffalo Indian Head Nickel.

This unique ring was made by Aleksey Saburov

to celebrate the history of the Hobo Nickel folk art.

Crafted in sterling silver, hand engraved and signed by the author.


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