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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy a carvings listed on your website?


Most of my carvings are commission-based. On occasion I craft a carving purely out of inspiration on subject matter of my own choosing, and put them up for sale under the "For sale" section.



How much for a commission?

These are custom works of art and each order is unique, and same goes for pricing. Cost of labor depends on complexity of design and materials involved. The price range varies from $500 minimum for a Classic Hobo nickel. At the same time, a highly-detailed and a truly exceptional engraving can be crafted, that will look spectacular but may take 100 hours and more of intense work. In this case the end result may cost 10K+. Again, it all depends. To get a better idea, please write me what is it you are looking for in as much detail as possible and I'll be able to respond with a more precise quote.


My prices are for engraving services only. It is thus preferred that the client provides his own material to be engraved, like a coin, a knife, a watch or a piece of jewelry, however, I can also purchase the material as per client's request and add its cost to the final price of the job.


Pricing for knives is different.


Portrait pricing


A portrait on a Hobo Nickel costs from $900 an up. It depends on such things as camera angle (profile or frontal view showing both ears or maybe 3/4 of a face). It takes me about a week to create a portrait likeness from a photograph and to give it real volume while preserving uniqueness of character. Price also depends on coin size and denomination.



Get in touch at for more details or to reserve a place in my schedule. I look forward to working with you to create engraving of your dreams!

Intellectual property rights


Please note that while purchasing Aleksey Saburov's original coin or engraving, Aleksey Saburov (the Designer) still retains all intellectual property rights and copyright of the original design he has created, which in turn might be implemented in whole or partially in future projects of any kind.

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