Blade Length                   4.25"           


Overall Length                 10.125"

Weight                             11.1 oz

Closed                              6"

Liners                               Brass

Bolster                             Stainless Steel

Spacer                             Stainless Steel

Stone                               Black Sapphire

Lanyard                           Brown Leather

Beads                              Sterling Silver


Sheath                             Camo w/Belt Loop

Knife Type                       Folding Knife, Lockback

Blade Details                   Drop Point, Spear Point

Handle Materials              Black & Brown Micarta

Country of Manufacture   Seki, Japan


Al Mar SERE "Rhino"

This one-of-a-kind vintage 1980's Al Mar SERE 3003 "Rhino"  features a beautiful hand engraving by master engraver Aleksey Saburov. The bolster is hand engraved in a masterfully detailed bas-relief finish with 24K gold and copper inlays. 


Unlike so many regular designs, the bas-relief is dimensional coin-like technique where every curve is embossed and can be felt by touch. Bas-relief is an incredibly detailed and time-consuming craft, with the finished piece being worth ten-times that of all the regular, flat designs.


This unique piece features a complex composition inspired by wildlife of Africa, with the mighty rhinoceros depicted in amazing detail with every wrinkle embossed and sensed by touch.


The bolster is surrounded by the contextual rhino skin-like texture, with the spacer covered in zebra stripes and following the wildlife motif. Two specially designed sterling silver beads hold the leather lanyard in place, with the beads shaped and texturalised like the famous horns of the great beast. The very fine detailing holds clever surprises: like the liner having a line of rhino-like "toes" or black sapphire in a thumb stud.


This is a nice heavy duty, antique folder has very light scratches on the handle, as the knife of its age would. This unique piece will be a true centerpiece of any knife collection.




   Accepting commissions at this time:

   Hobo Nickels  •  ​Knife Engraving  •  Jewelry Engraving  •  Watches   
  •   Hand-engraving on collectible coins, Hobo Nickels, knives, time pieces and jewelry. Miniature bas-relief in metal, the true coin style, dimensional art on a wide range of themes: historical motifs, traditional hobo engravings, portraits, profiles, erotica and almost anything you can imagine on a coin. Hobo nickels are a fantastic investment, as they are a true collectible item, individually carved, signed by the artist and numbered. In retrospect, their value continuously increases as Hobo Nickel collectors and investors drive up the value of this form of art. As a master engraver with five years of education in metal works and jewelry craft in one of the best European institutes, along with a decade-long career in high-end jewelry crafting, I feel exceptionally proud of every one of my Hobo Nickels and engraved knives. This is true passion and time-proven professionalism in designing and successfully executing custom orders in metal.

  • Thank You for your support of all independent artisans and designers!

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