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 "Koi Oriental" knife


'Koi Oriental' knife
'Koi Oriental' knife
'Koi Oriental' knife
'Koi Oriental' knife
'Koi Oriental' knife
'Koi Oriental' knife
'Koi Oriental' knife
'Koi Oriental' knife

This Warren Osborne Interframe Lock Blade Folder features a beautiful hand engraving by master-engraver Aleksey Saburov in a classic Japanese theme. The bolsters is hand engraved in a masterfully detailed bas-relief finish with 24K gold, 18K pink gold and copper inlays. 


Unlike so many regular designs, the bas-relief is dimensional coin-like technique where every curve is embossed and can be felt by touch.

Bas-relief is an incredibly detailed and time-consuming craft, with the finished piece being worth ten-times that of all flat designs.


This stunning 'one-of-a-kind' features a rich and unique synthesis between elegance, exotic materials, and superlative artistry;
an unforgettable personality statement to be worn and used for a lifetime, before passing it down to another generation.


2 3/8" Damascus steel blade, 5 5/8" opened length

Polished stainless steel interframe with black lip mother of pearl inlays

Stainless steel back spring


 Fantastic gift for a lady or a gentleman. 



4,495 USD

S O L D 

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