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Sterling silver "Viking" bead paracord keychain.

Sterling silver "Viking" bead paracord keychain.


Each piece are hand-tied with a 3 mm parachute cord. Keychain works great as a key fob, luggage or other gear marker for your everyday casual wearing. Lanyard work great on knives to assist drawing them from pocket or sheath.

It features "Viking" handmade bead in sterling silver. Attention to fine details is truly impressive, especially the viking's eyes - they really do look alive, staring right back at you. Every nook and cranny on this bead feel like they were given special attention and never an afterthought, which almost seems rare these days. The helmet has a nice texture while the face, the hair and the woven pattern are miniature masterpieces on their own.

Now available in different colors - any combination of black, gray, yellow, orange, purple and burgundy. Please choose 1 or 2 color combinations and lanyard or keychain option when ordering. Lanyard comes with a longer loop, keychain - with 32 mm split key ring and swivel key ring connector.

♦ Drawn, designed and crafted by Aleksey Saburov.

♦ Keychain comes with 32 mm split key ring and swivel key ring connector

♦ Keychain total length approximate 4-1/2"

♦ Lanyard total length approximate 6-1/2"

♦ Sterling Silver oxidized finish enhances the 3D effect.

♦ 550 paracord type III made in the USA

♦ Paracord is UV, Rot, Mildew resistant

♦ Color will not run or bleed

This can be an original multi-purpose gift for anyone, especially for Vikings fans, an exquisite and original gift for drivers. It's not too large or too heavy, while being unique and interesting to show off. A conversation starter.


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  • Made in USA

    Please note the every item will be made as per order and can take up to 7 business days to be crafted. 

  • Handcrafted item

    Everything I sell is individually handcrafted by me in my workshop. 
    These are truly artisan works of art and I am confident you will cherish every item. 
    I have over 25 years of experience in the art of engraving and crafting jewelry. 
    All my creations are handcrafted to perfection and no detail is overlooked.

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